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Four Reasons to Consider Developing Your Back Block

Pay off your Mortgage Faster It’s not surprising that often the first thoughts about developing your block are driven by the desire to pay off the family home earlier. Buying a
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How to Maximise Profit when Dividing Your Block

Understand your suburb’s market When developing a block, more units does not always translate into more profit. That ‘s why it is so important to have an in-depth understanding
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Your personal property development team

Where is the bulk of your wealth located? Is it in bonds, the stock market, a savings account? Perhaps the most significant amount of your wealth is locked up in your backyard
will I make a profit

Will I make a profit?

It’s important to take as much of the guesswork out of developing as possible. The best way to do this is with a project assessment – before you commit to tearing up your
lucky developer

Case study: Lucky 13

A development of 13 smart new residential units designed and built for an overseas investor who suddenly found himself with three dilapidated old houses in Welshpool. The